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Enrollment and Class Confirmation:

Students will receive an enrollment acknowledgment via email or telephone call within three (3) days of enrolling in the course.  However, this enrollment notification does not confirm that the class will be provided.  Students will also receive written notification if the class is cancelled due to an unforeseen emergency.  If class is cancelled and payment has been received, it will be refunded or the student can use the credit for future class enrollment. Class cancellation is the only reason for issuance of refund of class enrollment payment.


Payment is preferred at the time students sign-up electronically for the training. If payment is made on day one of class only credit card payments or certified checks will be accepted. Arrangements to pay in cash must be made in advance.

Student Substitution:

A student substitution is permitted, but substitution is only allowed on the first day of the class (within the first hour of class only).

Student Cancellation:

There is no penalty for cancelling an enrollment if it is done fourteen (14) calendar days, or more prior to the class start date.  For employer paid training, full payment is due if an enrollment(s) are cancelled thirteen (13) days or less prior to the class starting date.  No refunds will be made, however credit will be given and can be applied to enroll student(s) in future classes.

Student Partial Attendance and Refund Policy:

Full attendance is required to receive a 35 hour class completion for an Administrator’s certificate.  However, in the case of illness or unavoidable emergency that results in partial attendance, the students can make-up the training.  In case of emergency, where the student has a deadline to register to take the State Administrator’s examination, documentation must be provided to verify the need for scheduling an accelerated make-up training class.  However, in the event that the student does not provide documentation, the student must arrange to make-up the training during the next scheduled 35 hour Adult Residential Facility (ARF) Administrator’s training.  No refunds will be made if the student fails to attend the next scheduled training for make-up.. However, the student will receive a credit to enroll in any future ARF Administrator training sessions. Course and Refund Policy:

All Course fees are non refundable and non transferable. If you cannot attend the course you will be issued course credit that is good for 90 days.

Student No Show

No refunds will be given if an enrolled student does not show up for class beginning on day one of class and physically attend class. However, if a student fails to attend class, a credit MAY be issued (upon agreement with instructor) and this credit can be applied for future class enrollment or a student substitution.  The arrangement for a “credit” must be made PRIOR to THE FIRST DAY of the Class.